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Full Version: OOTP Drama
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anyone following the drama at the OOTP software boards?  every once in a while I read up on different topics over there, and it seems like the company's decision to corrupt individual users' data files to comply with a legal order to not mention NPB (Japan pro league) has really pissed a lot of people off.
I clicked over there and saw a few posts but nothing really laid out the full story that I could tell. It seems a bit niche for those who would care strongly about a KBO or NPB license but I get the frustration about modifying an existing league file. Plus there’s likely a few players actively managing as a foreign team GM.

I’ve tinkered with OOTP in years past but never made it very far.   I think it’s hard for me to be tied down to a computer these days. I’d start a franchise and never fully follow through.  I just realized they released OOTP GO so I’m interested to try that out. I had iOOTP when it launched but it just felt off. 

I was curious if my father had an opinion on the licensing issue as he’s an avid OOTP player. He’s retired and plays just about nightly. His comment was he didn’t really care since it didn’t affect him. He just didn’t bother downloading the update. Of course he primarily plays turn of the century (1900) historical leagues and all offline so maybe there a component to playing online and having to have the most up to date patch?

As a historical player he was more frustrated by the forced Guardian team name on old Cleveland teams. Apparently the developers acknowledge that they had to rename the historical teams or else MLB wouldn’t agree to the licensing.