NCAA Football
fun article about the folks who update the rosters so the game can live...
i picked up a used ps3 and a copy of NCAA13 a few months back and man, is dynasty mode FUN.
playing/coaching 1-star prestige san jose state and only recruiting 1-star athletes (2-star if pipeline state, plus any star if its the kid's #1 choice/dream school) to keep things realistic.

i'm definitely past gaming age (haven't gotten too much use out of my ps4), but if there was one game that could lure me into buying another console (ps5), it would definitely be an updated NCAA football game.  i always hear good things about the switch and the new zelda but haven't pulled the trigger.
I purchased a 360 and NCAA 14 one or two years ago.

Along the way the disc got damaged and now I have nothing. I loved that game. Playing online dynasty with a couple of my friends was the bees knees man!

I would pay a lot of money for a new version of that game.
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I made the playoffs once...
NCAA Football was so fun, especially with recruiting. It's one of the things I like about Weaver - being directly able to draft/sign/deal for players and develop them.

I would definitely be in for a newer version of NCAA too...

It's weird that Madden decided to add some college teams to their "story mode" in Madden '20 but left out Alabama? Even as an Auburn alum I'm scratching my head at that one.
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Dynasty update (not that anybody cares, but sharing anyway because its a fun game)

Year 1 / 2012:
- 1-star San Jose State upgrades to 2-star prestige rating after going 7-6.  Lost all non-conference FBS games, but went 5-1 in a weakened WAC with only loss to undefeated league champ Louisiana Tech.  Closed out season with win over UTEP in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
- top performer: speed HB1 Martinez rushes for over 1000 yards.  Got tons of carries because my QB1 was an interception machine that threw something like 10 TD / 27 INT and I was scared to throw the ball basically anytime my lead was less than 10.  (I probably shouldn't be blaming QB1 Baker but my own tendency to lock in on one receiver, force passes into coverage).
- top recruit: 2-star RE Carroll (local kid who signed upon scholly offer).  Guess we were his dream school.
- mismanaged my scholarship allocations and ended up signing like 10 secondary recruits (3 CB / 3 FS / 4 SS).
Year 2 / 2013: in-progress
- 2 games in, 2 non-conference wins!  Pummeled New Mexico State, barely eked out a win over FCS team.  Heading to #20 Stanford for a local rivalry game on the road.
- RE Carroll playing as a true freshman, mostly due to lack of depth.  10 secondary recruits all providing decent competition for each other.
- signed a 4-star QB right away as we were his dream school.  still have 10 games to play but looking forward to finishing this season as I bet the true freshman recruit is already better than everyone currently on the roster.

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