2058: Sim #13
volcanos win 5 in a row!
to get within 17, ugh...

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5-2 sim, inexplicably got one hit by Oakland’s Julius Kipglat, who we cut some years ago. SP Stephen Ayer pitched a 1 run near gem himself, but that was wasted. Otherwise, good sim. It was fun seeing Cash, Baker and Snider all homer in two separate games, leading to 10 and 12 run outputs.

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(10-31-2019, 12:18 AM)havana Wrote: volcanos win 5 in a row!
to get within 17, ugh...

next sim saturday
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well there's a positive for a change
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Edmonton (AL) - During the Saturday afternoon home game on June 29th, the Edmonton Orcas had a peculiar sixth inning.  With two outs in the frame against Stockholm, Orca starter Martel Cartes gave up the first run of the game.  It was a soft liner hit by the ninth batter, third baseman Eldon Hazlewood that scored shortstop Curt Linblad, who had doubled earlier.  Rookie southpaw Bob Ruffin came in to relieve.  After his second pitch to lead-off Swede center fielder Barrett Blanchard, Ruffin winced and started stretching his back and side.  The medical trainer Dr. Lance Stevens, pitching coach Jimmy Key, and Manager Paul Molitor came to the mound.  After a few minutes of gentle manipulation by Dr. Stevens, Ruffin was taken out of the game with a shoulder injury.  Molitor called for the other rookie in the pen, Alvaro Slusarski, who was given plenty of time to warm up on the mound.  The game restarted and after only two pitches, Slusarski grabbed his pitching elbow while holding his arm straight out.  Out trots the same Orca trio and teammates congregate around the mound.  After a shorter examination, Slusarski is escorted off the field keeping his arm outstretched.  Manager Molitor goes back to a lefty in Fred Gianelli, a 12 year veteran who has been on the team since '46.  On the follow through of his his third pitch, a sharp curve that spiked into the ground just past the mound, he rolled forward and collapsed on the dirt.  Everyone sprinted to the fallen player including both Orca and Swede medical teams.  Shortly after some gentle prodding, the cart is called for and made its way to the mound from the bull pen area.  A shot was administered before Gianelli was carefully rolled onto a stretcher then lifted on the cart.  As the medical group depart the field, Gianelli gave a small reassuring wave to the crowd that he was not dying, to which he received thunderous applause.  Edmonton's Dennis Ondo eventually finished the inning by striking out Blanchard.  The Orcas would score six in the bottom half, capped off by right fielder Steve Taitt's three run blast and win the game 7-1.  After the contest, Gianelli was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and will miss the rest of the season.

"I've been in baseball over forty years and I've never seen anything like what happened today," said Coach Key after the game.  "We believe that both Bob (Ruffin) and Al (Alvaro Slusarski) won't miss too much time, but losing Fred (Gianelli) like that, it's a blow.  He was having a solid season again and has the most career holds and saves here.  But that injury, that's a career ender.  Man, I feel for the guy."  The win was their seventh in a row, putting them at 44 and 35 on the season, third in the division and 12 games behind the first place Long Beach Lobsters.   Adding three more to an already long disabled list puts eight Orcas dealing with injuries, six of whom are pitchers.  "That's half our staff", added Key.  "I hope these new kids can throw."
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We blink and all of a sudden the G-Fathers have a 3 game lead over Entebbe.

Also, watch out Long Beach. Vancouver could be knocking on the door for the Roehm pennant...

Rio knocks off Cairo in the bottom of the ninth at home...against Jacob deGrom. The ninth seemed to fall apart for deGrom, though it was not all completely his fault. SS Musgrove was hit by a pitch, then C Gerhardt singled into shallow right, advancing Musgrove to second. deGrom then got RF Hibbard out on a flyball to left center, putting runners on second and third. With two strikes on 1B Bierbauer, a passed ball by Cairo C Mogorosi allowed Musgrove to score in crazy walkoff fashion. Mogorosi's generally a great defensive backstop, which made this game unusual as he already had an error earlier.
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