2058: All-Star Game
IL 6, BL 3

Bot5: BL 2, IL 0
C Levan Zubashvili singles to short right, steals second.  2B Willy Rivera pounds 396ft HR to deep right.  2-0.

Top7: BL 2, IL 1
3B Home Run Baker hits deep shot to CF that bounces off the wall over the fielder's head, races to second.  Steals 3rd on following AB, then scores on C Daesung Jang single where errant throw pulls 1B off the bag. 2-1.

Top8: IL 6, BL 2
2B Wael Samandi singles, steals second.  Scores on line drive hit to left-center by RF Barry Downing that rolls all the way to the wall.  2-2
Downing advances to 3rd on fielders, choice, scores on sacfly to deep center by CF Duke Snider. 3-2.
CF Louis Wise beats RHP Gary Laskey in a footrace to first, 3B Home Run Baker beaned in the head.  1B Norm Cash hammers 409ft HR to deeeep center field, plating Wise and a deeply disoriented Baker.  6-2

Bot9: IL 6, BL 3
SS Paul Blaisdell hits double to LF, reaches 3rd on fielders choice.
CF Reggie Douglas hits line drive single down the LF line, plating Blaisdell.  6-3

MVP: 1B Norm Cash

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