Blyleven/Lincecum Available
Little late to the party, but taking offers for Blyleven or Lincecum. 

Looking for primarily picks or pitchers, but would consider just about any other positions.
Blyleven traded pending approval.
Lincecum traded pending approval
end of an era...
crazy to think that '46 team is the only Marauders Weaver Cup champ headlined by those 2, but then again, the staple offensive guys for that squad were all older and were probably tough to replace.

Imagine having an AT as your #3 starter!  (RHP Don Drysdale)
That is pretty crazy.  15 years of Lincecum/Blyleven as two fifths of the rotation.  I was certain, when that Milan team started to come together around 2043, they were on their way to a total dynasty in the IL.  Guess not exactly, though even 1 Cup can't be dismissed.

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i remember when the trade was made in 43, i thought London was signing their own death warrant in trading a young ace to a division rival.  When you look back at the records of the teams though, London won 6 straight Lockwoods from 49-54, with 4 weaver series appearances (0-4).  Milan got their cup, but 6 straight playoff berths and 4 finals shots is not something you can dismiss out of hand.

Then again I give doyers fans the business all the time for 3 WS championships vs 7 straight division titles all the time, so there's that.
Dan kept those guys together forever and it always made Milan formidable even in the lean years...
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