Veteran Fire Sale in Edmonton
Currently on the market:

1B Yong Park = CH 82, PH 77, SP 46
CF Shinjin Hiraoka = CH 90, PH 60, SP 78

P Earl Barnes
P Billy Biitner
P Gene Cady
P Marcelo Cartes
P Charlie Connell
P Freg Gianelli
P Greg Hoskins
P Nelson Tate
P Harry Taveras
P Jimmy Weller
P Brad Yates

Will listen to offers for:

SS Hanley Ramirez = CH 88, PH 85, SP 90
C Colin Griner = CH 83, PH 95, SP 83

Orcas GM
Weaver Champions: 2033

Roehm Division Champions: 2017
Roehm Division Champions: 2016

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