2058: Sim #16
amity, entebbe with matching 13-game win streaks ... who loses first?

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Rio wheelin' and dealin' after the All-Star Break
The Capys made a few trades during the All-Star break that seem to be more towards fortifying the roster in the long-term. In acquiring defensive C Dion Tanner and 2B prospect Dick Jose from Entebbe as well as SP Vincenzo Alves from Amity, the Capys have acquired needed depth for eventual contention.

Tanner is the most likely to start as he is well known for his defensive abilities, but his could bat end up with him being in a platoon with prospect Monk Kaiser.

The opposite could be said of Jose - he could be the platoon mate for a defensive standout in 2B Mike Jennings, who was acquired from free agency earlier in the season and just made his debut with the big league club.

Alves was the last player selected in the 2048 amateur draft by Cozumel, who was then picked up by Amity. He could potentially anchor the rotation in the short-term until other pitching prospects are ready to throw that fire.

In the Entebbe trade the Capys dealt veteran LF Sushil "Sushi" Singh, one of the lone bright spots on the team, as well as injured SP Quincy Barker. Both are likely injury replacements or bench players needed in clutch situations. Barker is likely to come back in eight weeks, which could be timely for the Zealots in the pennant chase.

As for Amity, they acquired SP Evan Rooney. Rooney has outperformed his peripherals this season but strongly desired to be on a playoff team even to the point where he refused to remain with the big league club and asked to be traded. His spot on a playoff team is all but certain as the White Sharks have a near insurmountable lead in the Polanski.

Capys cut longtime veteran 3B Tim York
Third baseman Tim York requested his release and was granted it, putting the 42-year-old more than likely into retirement. A recently-nagging shoulder injury seemed to force the issue, as the 13 years of playing time he has had seemed to take their toll.

"I'm thankful for my time in Rio and wish them the best," he said in a small statement to the Players' Tribune. "I'm happy to more than likely be entering my next stage of life and continuing my family's computer repair business. Of course I'll never say never, but more than likely I've played my last game."

Pete Leppert looks to be the starting third baseman for Rio until prospect Harris Tovar is ready to take over.

Capybaras reach agreement to remain in Rio until at least 2080
The Capybaras organization and the city of Rio de Janeiro have agreed to a 30-year extension of their agreement for the club to remain in the city. This agreement seemed to be a mere formality previously, but newer ownership gave fans pause regarding whether the franchise would remain in the city. Even so, this was never really in doubt, a source confirms.

The team statement regarding this agreement is as follows: "We're very excited to continue bringing baseball the city of Rio de Janeiro and the country of Brazil, as well as bringing division pennants and Weaver Cups back to our more than deserving fans. There was never really any chance that we would move, so this agreement just gives us more security to not only continue building a championship contender but also to develop the business and franchise opportunities in the surrounding area."

Stadium naming rights are due for negotiation within the next year as well. The long-standing Amazon Coliseum is currently being considered for upgrades and renovation; but without a significant financial investor in the surrounding area, these plans are possibly tabled. There are talks with multiple corporations and business conglomerates over these naming rights, with retail mega-giant Amazon being the obvious front-runner, according to a source familiar with the situation.
(12-05-2019, 09:31 AM)jtm0003 Wrote: Capybaras reach agreement to remain in Rio until at least 2080

2080 is roughly 22 seasons in the future, and at our usual pace of approx 2.5 seasons per calendar year, this would be roughly 9 years from now.  feels weird that i would be in my early 50s, running sims for a league i joined in my early 20s but who knows, maybe it'll actually happen.
Nice stretch against some pretty solid Lockwood teams in NY and Milan.  We won a lot of close games, but we won them.  Seems like we either win by one run, using small ball, or the offensive core clicks and we blow out opponents.  Not a bad way to go.

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