Knives Out
Such a fun movie!  Murder mystery in the style of Agatha Christie.  The characters were hilarious and Daniel Craig’s over-exaggerated southern accent is worth the price of admission.
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I'm excited to see this during the upcoming weekend.  It has been on my mind the last couple of weeks, but I had to put it off for getting christmas errands done, and then of course star wars (to join the culture discussion).  now that things are settling down to a normal place, will definitely try to see it.

seems like it is experiencing a slow build, word of mouth still going around about how enjoyable it is.  at our local theater it has been on single screen for 2-3 weeks now but even then all seats (for prime showtimes) are selling out.
really enjoyed this movie and looking forward to the sequel, supposedly centered on the Daniel Craig character, Benoit Blanc.
My big mistake while watching it?  Drinking a lot of liquid at dinner beforehand, had to take 2 bathroom breaks.

With a heavy focus on dialogue during whodunits, an ill-timed break means missing a vital clue or two.  Unlike in an action movie where you can just slip out quickly during a fight scene, they'lll be kicking/punching/shooting when you come back (if youre quick about it).
When I saw it, I thought it was going to be a remake of Crooked House.  Glad it wasn't and had a solid ending.

If you haven't seen the modern movie of Crooked House with Glenn Close, it is really good.

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