5 Burning Questions (2021 Edition)
The only reason I stop short of saying the A’s are going nowhere is because if anyone can blow it the Oakland City Council can... but the A’s are going nowhere.  The A’s are footing the bill for the ballpark and the massive development around it. The city is responsible for infrastructure which is pretty standard in developments like this, and the A’s are fronting the money for the infrastructure with it to be paid back through property taxes. Nothing upfront from the city, standard investment from city with the benefit of nothing needing to be financed by the city, and a toxic site being used as a parking lot being turned into something of tremendous value for the city.

The relocation threat did what it was intended to do. Two days after they dropped the word relocation a vote on the term sheet was scheduled for July 20.  It sucks when threats like this are made but it was the A’s telling the OCC to shit or get off the pot.  Supposedly part of the urgency is the A’s believe they already have a slim margin of votes to push this through and don’t want to wait for any possible turnover on the council.  Plenty of behind the scenes negotiations to come between now and then but I think it’ll happen.

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