2022 FIFA World Cup
starting to get excited, super glad that the England-USA game falls on Black Friday at a timeslot where i can watch
USMNT is young and in a tough group but if they can get to the knockouts, hey who knows..
now getting there is the tough part
I’m always hyped for the World Cup, but my son has really gotten into soccer since the last one and is about to lose his mind over the next month so this will be fun.  He’s trying out for all-stars in his youth league this week too so we’re wall to wall soccer around here right now.

He always makes me hit up PSG reruns on BeIn when they’re on to watch Messi.  I took him to a San Jose Earthquakes game and he asked for a jersey, he never hit me up for an A’s jersey.  I’ve had a lot of fun experiencing his excitement for the game with him and I’m half thinking of getting Earthquakes season tix just for more opportunities to share that with him.

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I’m excited too but pissed cuz I don’t have access to fox sports streaming. Don’t have cable anymore and not sure it’ll be worth paying if the game schedule doesn’t work great with my work schedule. Can’t watch any USA games. Oh well
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bummed to hear/read about the death of Grant Wahl over in Qatar.  I used to really enjoy the articles he wrote on soccer when I was an SI subscriber.

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